Dr. Andochick presenting the water bag to FEMA.


From the Inventor

"I developed my water bag in response to natural disasters both in the United States and internationally where people are instantly displaced from their homes leaving them with no food, water, or electricity.

In the United States, the first responders often bring truckloads of water bottles handing out whatever people can carry.

In third world countries, families (women and children) often walk miles to a fresh water source only to walk miles home with heavy buckets of water.

My original plan was to produce an inexpensive, reusable way to transport large amounts of water while comfortably carrying it.

Through much trial and error, I came up with a water tube that is now known as WaterBagNow     ."

About the Inventor

Dr. Scott Andochick is a full-time plastic surgeon and part-time inventor.  He spends most of his week performing cosmetic surgery and reconstruction for breast cancer patients.

As a plastic surgeon, he was taught to solve problems that arise whether from trauma, cancer treatment, or congenital deformities.  Surgeons are trained to develop a surgical plan A, B, C and a lifeboat prior to stepping into the operating room.  Over the years, Dr. Andochick has used this same thought process on several inventions.

Dr. Andochick wearing two water bags "Rambo" style.